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Bachelor / Master thesis topics

  • BS Thesis: Design of a Line Tracing algorithm based on an Optical Sensor for a 1:10 Model Vehicle

We offer a bachelor thesis in the field of lateral control of an automated model vehicle. Please find more information here.

We offer a master thesis in the field of coordinated vehicle control over vehicle-to-vehicle networks. Please find more information here

  • MS Thesis: Characterization of Electrical Properties of Conductive Fabrics on Foldable Structures (jointly offered with Prof. Berit Greinke from UdK)

Description can be found here.

  • Other keywords:

The followings are some keywords our group is interested in these days. If you are interested in pursuing any of these topics, just contact me via email. I am quite flexible with interpreting and developing the topics.

  • Modular battery pack architectures for electric vehicles and drones
  • Control algorithms for connected vehicle fleets
  • Platooning algorithms for hybrid electric vehicles
  • Reconfigurable solar arrays for curved vehicle surfaces
  • Control algorithms for stationary battery storage systems: total cost of ownership (TCO), privacy protection in smart grid, etc.






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