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General Goals

Our research is centered around the design and optimization of electrical and electronic systems for future mobility systems. We are currently looking into concepts and methodologies to make use of data available from automotive onboard sensors and V2X communication to improve traffic flow, safety and resilience to faults and attacks. In addition, we look into energy management of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, methodologies to integrate renewable energy to electro-mobility, and currently developing new research topics in connected cars.

Digital twin for connected Cars

We promote the concept of a digital twin, which is a digital representation of the vehicles and the surrounding environments. Digital twin will keep track of massive amount of data available from onboard sensors and V2X communication for trajectory planning, vehicle control and safety monitoring.

Energy Management for Electro-mobility


Electrification of the transportation sector is a huge trend in all over the globe. We look into issues in designing and managing the energy storage and conversion system in an electrical vehicle. We look into system-level techniques to enhance the energy efficiency, longevity, and reliability of the energy storage in electric vehicles. We also investigate various alternatives for charging infrastructure.

Integration of Renewable Energy and Electro-mobility


In order to truly reduce the carbon emission of the transporation sector, the electricty for the vehicle should be generated from a clean source such as renewable energy sources. We investigate system-level design methods and management strategies to integrate renewable energy sources into vehicles and their charging infrastructures.

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